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Samples (mp3):

1. Sky King
In his quest for peace, the Bodhisattva of the Earth traverses the globe spreading the Law.

2. In The Heat of Battle
We all know this one... the inner battle.

3. Cirrus
Oh yeah! ...a natural high... one for the Plankster

4. Reiko's Waltz
For my woman from Nagasaki.

5. 85 Miles Gone
Presented to my father on his 85th birthday. His last on this planet.

6. Gathering of the Gods
Imagine all those guitar gods creating some serious sounds.

7. Beyond Blue
With a little effort your blues can be beautiful too.

8. The Shorter Path
Thank you Wayne for the music and the encouragement.

9. Malcolm's March
Not your typical march... one with a groove.

10. Malcolm's Departure
Forward, backward, pitch shifted and delayed. Whammy and feedback... listen to what he has to say.

Ray Sapko:
All Guitars, Keyboards, Synthesizers and Percusion

Ralph Salmins:
Drums on Tracks 1, 5, and 7

Joey Kramer:
Drums on Tracks 2 and 9

Mads Michelsen:
Drums on Track 8

All songs written, arranged and produced by Ray Sapko

Recorded at Ray's Riviera and Tonal Eclipse Studios

Photography by Joe Diliberto
Copyright © 2012 Ray Sapko. All Rights Reserved.
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