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myspace.com/raysapko – Come and be my friend!

– Tonal Eclipse Recording Studio. Who better than a musician/songwriter to fully understand and sympathize with the wants, desires, and needs of other musicians and songwriters? Joe Diliberto has been a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter himself for nineteen years now...

– Blood Sisters – woman in metal, hardcore, grind and noise. Here we're attempting to collect info on every woman who's ever been a permanent member of a heavy band - but we also have individual listings for women who've done large amounts of session work for heavy bands...

– Escape Music Ltd was founded in August, 1996. Khalil and Barrie are committed to quality and will settle for nothing less than pure excellence. Their involvement with the recording of the CD's has become more than just financial, Khalil now oversees most recordings and acts as executive producer, whilst Barrie takes care of the smooth running of the company, using his accountancy background to the full...

– Guitarra Azul Is an exciting mix of Rumba Flamenco, Latin Jazz, and World Sounds, with Intoxicating Latin Percussion & Fiery Spanish Guitars.
Soulful, Passionate, Dynamic, Acoustic, Inspiring...

– Peter Lerner, jazz guitarist born and raised in the multicultural, musically diverse, Hyde Park area on the South Side of Chicago. By the age of eight, he had composed his first original song, and his musical journey began...

– Vince Buoncore's percussion interests focus principally on set drumming in diverse genres including Jazz, Funk, R&B, Blues, Rock, Alternative, and Fusion. Jazz is Vince's primary interest, specializing in Latin, Bebop, and contemporary Jazz Fusion...

– The band 1969 breathes new life into the songs made famous by Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Doors, Joni Mitchell, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Joe Cocker, Cream and so many other stars of the psychedelic era...

– At RadioIndy, our mission is to help people who enjoy music, find top up-and-coming bands before they make it big! We spend countless hours screening and categorizing songs from bands without big-label recording contracts.

– Chicagoland’s Free Music Monthly In Print And Online

– This Web page dedicated to the incredible music of TANTRUM!

– The site offers many services and featured content in the Arts & Entertainment areas...

– Every issue of 20th Century Guitar includes the Collectible Guitar Buyer, jammed with thousands of guitars, amps, effects and parts for sale.

– New and classic music cd reviews, classic rock and pop music features, and musician interviews.

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